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The Nokia E6 business Touch & Type phone was listed for pre-order on the Nokia India site back on June 15th, and is now cheap oakley glasses on shelves at a price of Rs. 18,679 (MRP), though it should already be retailing for a little less than that. Boasting a 2.46-inch capacitive touchscreen with a surprisingly high resolution of 640x480 pixels, the E6 comes with the E-series QWERTY keypad, 8GB of built in storage, a 600MHz ARM11 processor and graphics accelerator, cheap oakley sunglasses sale an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, USB-on-the-Go support, 3G/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, a document editor, as well as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint support. For more details about the device, check out our previous coverage.

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