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When it comes to dual agents, they should be loyal to both the parties. When working for oakley aquatique frogskins sunglasses purchasers, they should be loyal to them and when working for the sellers, they should be loyal to them as well.

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Vanessa Nassar Violinist showed her talent in the Khmissa Festival where the oakley blacklight frogskins audience was awe-inspired with the way she played violin. She is the core member of many intensive touring programs that take her to various Middle East countries and gives her the opportunity to showcase her talent. Discount Oakley Sunglasses She is ready to release her first album, titled “Longa V” in which she has showcased her real potential as a violinist and is bound to amaze the patrons. She has given her marvellous performances in Rotary Club, Le Baron Castle and Air Force house in Cairo. Her other popular events include 2M tv channel Morocco New Year episode, Al Rai Annual Anniversary Kuwait, Harley Davidson event Bahrain and Boling Worldwide Tournament Kuwait, to name a few.